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Where Does a Body End?

This song is by Swans and appears on the album The Great Annihilator (1995).

I saw you kneeling on a desert plateau
Your eyes were melting from inside your skull
The wind was burning holes into my skin
Where does a body end?

Your voice is drifting through the stratosphere
My mouth is drinking from your pool of tears
I saw your heartbeat in the radium screen
What does a body mean?

The future's leaking through a shut lead door
In the ruins of a city under the forest floor
Your naked body's buried in a vacant field
What does your body feel now?

The air is black and has no oxygen
The bodies in the river float beneath the sun
Transparent skin it shines a light from deep within
Where does your body begin?

The stars are hidden by a mirrored sky
And darkness disappears behind reflected light
Perception is a distance in a closed-in space
How will your body escape?

The crowd is feeling you inside your head
Your imagination's canceled by the opposite
And every possibility's been proved untrue
Now is your body you?

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