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This song is by Svix.

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The stage is set; your nervous gaze tells a tale of apprehension
So maybe I should lead you through the limelight
To the touch; my hand in yours is a matter of convention
But maybe we could move things forward

The night begins, and faces turn to the center of attention
So maybe we should give them what they're here for
In the morning, and you know that you only have to mention
And maybe we could keep this going

I feel the eyes upon my back; I'm an object of obsession
But maybe I don't see it how the rest do
What you will; I get a kick out of power and suppression
And maybe I pretend to struggle

When we're alone, I sometimes fail to get the right impression
But maybe I'm the one to overthink then
All my problems hit the floor when you're wearing that expression
And simply nothing else besides it

Take my hand and we shall make a stand
Tell me you love me
Hold me tight until you're feeling right
Tell me you now see

Spill your heart, and we can make a start
My arm in yours, guiding
Whisper things and tell me all your sins
There's nothing worth hiding

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