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Awake or Vanish

This song is by Svartahrid and appears on the album Sadness and Wrath (2007).

War is at hand. The storm
Gather the legions of wrath
The time has come
Awake or vanish!

The ice of might is cracking
Fjords reveal their solemn depths
And reflect glorious heights
Deep within he felt the fire
The omen, the revolting pain
His ancient source
Immortal soul
Raping his limbs
From his heart
The northern soul suffers
When it's not obeyed

His mind hesitates to follow
Godwolves have been tainting it
The eternal glow that never will give in

Wake up yer sons of the hammer!
Awake or vanish!

The wrath is glowing
Come on! Remain
Your time is coming
Release yer pain!

Cause yer the sons of the hammer

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