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Something So Sweet

This song is by Suzie Vinnick and appears on the album 33 Stars (2002).

Wish I could tell you goodbye
Let you go when I cry
Like a rose in the snow
Our love got frozen, but
Oh we had something so sweet

Wish I could find love again
Let my world start to spin
But I'm fixed in a frame
Keeping from changing, 'cause
Oh we had something so sweet

Afraid to lose what I've lost already
I'm saving all that I can
I need to know I can hold those memories
'Cause now they're all that I have

One day I'll learn to let go
Turn a leaf I suppose
When someone I meet
Gets me believing that
We could have something so sweet

But that's down the line
Meanwhile I'm sighin'
Oh we had something
Wish I had something
Oh we had something so sweet

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