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Drive Fast

This song is by Suzie Vinnick and appears on the album 33 Stars (2002).

Always in a hurry to get nowhere
Always in a hurry 'cause I'm late
Always lookin' to the next set of lights
Never seeing what's right in front of me

I drive fast and drive past, and miss the little things, I drive fast

My friends say that my life is passing by me
That I'm quickly speeding to a dead end
Feel like I'm running across a floor of scattered marbles
Wondering when and where I'm gonna crash

I could lose my license; I could lose my house and car
Better make a u-turn, I don't wanna go that far...

I take the long way home and see the sights now
Roll the window down and feel the breeze
Had a little chat with Mrs. Jackson
This is how my life is supposed to be

I drove fast and drove past
And missed the little things I really needed to see
I drive slow 'Cause I know
I need to see the little things (see the little things)
See the little things (see the little things)
Need to see the little things

I drive slow, 'cause I know, I need to, drive slow

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