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33 Stars

This song is by Suzie Vinnick and appears on the album 33 Stars (2002).

33 stars in tonight's sky, one for each year you were alive
You left this place to visit them yourself

I remember how you made me laugh, when I'd just survived another crash
You could fix my heart, and make it shine again

The phone was ringing, my eyes were stinging
I called a thousand times
Now the night is calling, and stars are falling
They fill the void in me
33 stars

We used to drive through the countryside; we'd stop the car and look up high
4am a star-filled sky, little lights of hope

Then you decided you couldn't stay I was too late to call and say
Don't go... I haven't thanked you yet

If my sky should ever turn black
Give me three signs to turn me back...

33 stars in tonight's sky One for each year you were alive
In the Milky Way, I can see you there...

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