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Lighted Endrhyme

This song is by Suspyre and appears on the album When Time Fades (2008).

Madness waits for the lines to cross
And my mind forgets the answer
Fragments shift into the lanes
Chasing scars that take them over

Thrown around by the texture
Not by half and nothing whole

I'm allowed to see my sentiments
Carved into the only stones that we know

He shakes away the morning
And then he shakes away himself
But his suffering still remains
Because there was no one else

Once the attraction is full of doubt
The royal touch that will darken the pain

Feelings of divinity
Are the lies that carry the chain

Separate the service
And the promise of his past
Still the ornament of crime
Shows the color of the glass

Agony fluctuates on every desire
Truth is a powerful force
The tether of shivering
Leads the closure of the staining door

This reflection must be wrong
The figure of self demise
Would you gather together death
To spread out among my life

Madness surrenders
To the lines
They've crossed themselves for the last time
I'm shaking away nothing

Only the thrill of a great divide
The fall of desire

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