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This song is by Susanna Hoffs and appears on the album Someday (2012).

We dance around the truth
Somber and aloof
And we skip over the facts
Just like actors

Trying to converse
We end up in reverse
Lines so easy to say
Almost always taken the wrong way

Lie to me, hurt me, don't ever desert me
Always be true
And I'll be true too
To you

Turn it on and walk away
Like a player piano
And it's easy to stay
But so hard to steer it the right way

Speak to me clearly
Know that I'm really
Trying to be true
Please be true too

Can you hear me when I call?
Pick me up, carry me through
And I'll fall for you
And always be true
To you
Always be true
To you


Susanna Hoffs / Andrew Brassell