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This song is by Susan Werner and appears on the album The Gospel Truth (2007).

There must be a time
There must be a place
When everyone will finally come together
If there is a God
With a human face
I'm sure He'd want us all to come together

And get beyond these bolted doors
Get beyond these awful bloody wars
Get beyond this way of settling scores
'Cause the score is never even

And if I had the words
Then I'd make the case
That everyone has got to come together
If I had the hounds
I'd call off the chase
And everyone could finally come together

We'd get beyond who's right and wrong
Get beyond the need to look so strong
And just get on with simply getting along
'Cause that's a thing we can all believe in

'Cause that's enough of the bitter tears
That's enough of talking to our mirrors
That's enough of separate hemispheres
That's enough that's enough
We really gotta come together

Come together
Oh yeah
Gotta find a way
You and me we got
We got
We got to come to together
Right now

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