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Don't Explain It Away

This song is by Susan Werner and appears on the album The Gospel Truth (2007).

If you find yourself looking at someone
At their shining hair so silky soft and black
If you find yourself smiling at someone
And then suddenly you find that they're smiling back

Well that's how love comes calling
It may call you today
Don't stop yourself from falling
Don't explain it away

If you find yourself in the dead of night
In the moonless light
In the middle of the woods
And you've turned around, you turned left and right
And you're lost for now
But you might be lost for good

And you need someone to guide you
When you have gone astray
That still small voice inside you
Don't explain it away

Don't explain it away
When the moment mystifies you
Don't explain it away
And the feeling will surprise you
Don't explain it away

If you find yourself at the water's edge
And you're listening as the waves break on the shore
While a sea of stars rolls above your head
And you realize you're part of so much more

And you're struck dumb with wonder
Can't find the words to say
Don't break the spell you're under


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