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This song is by Survivor and appears on the album Survivor (1979).

You dress so formal like you don't even know
Whatcha got underneath it
Your straight-laced morals are just for show
'Cause I know thatcha need it
I got you in my sites (I got you in my sites)
Ya know I'm gonna give ya my best shot tonight

'Cause I can see 20/20
You just can't disguise
Ooh, the fire in your eyes, 20/20
There's no way to hide
From my sweet love tonight

So educated that you think you're above
My street wise emotion
So old fashioned when it comes to love
You talk of devotion
I don't wanna change your life (I will change your life)
What I really want is your love for the night

Ooh, you know I can see you
I'm seem all right through you
Oh you know that I want you
I want you tonight!

(Chorus, until fade)