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I Was There

This song is by Surveillance and appears on the album Oceania (2014).

I was there when it all began
When roots took hold in fertile soil
A rumbling tension slowly built
And I never said a thing

I was there when the truncheons swung
The choking burn of pepper spray
The television said I'm safe
So I never did a thing

I was there when the bullets flew
Golden wasps that seared the air
Bodies fell in graceless arcs
And I turned my gaze away

I was there when cells slammed shut
Gathered up and caged like beasts
But freedom isn't lucrative
And there's money to be made

I was there when the fuse was lit
A thunderclap of Heaven's wrath
A million voices crying out
But I never heard a thing

I was there for the awful end
The bodies strewn in ashen piles
They told us this would keep us safe
And we never learned a thing

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