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Shoulder Hopper

This song is by Surf Punks and appears on the album My Beach (1980).

If you ride the waves as much as me
You gotta get your trip together early
Hop in the combi, head up the coast
Check out the spots that you love the most

If you're lucky and the waves are up
You gotta get them for yourself
There's nothing I hate more than to see
A shoulder gopper walking up the beach

Shoulder hopper, don't drop in on me
Shoulder hopper, comin' down
Can't you see me comin'?

If you ride the waves as much as me
You can't afford his company
Now his friends are on the rocks
Their kind of vibes give me mental blocks

There's spray in my face, I can't cut back
Head for the shore, I'm gonna have a Big Mac
The way he parked, I can't pull out
This guy's valley, gotta kick him out


Written by:

Dennis Dragon; Drew Steele

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