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Where Do You Go?

This song is by Sure Conviction and appears on the album 54 and Change (1997).

(M. Liffengren/P. Liffengren)
The life that we shared, nothing can compare
To what we had together
Friendship without a care
You're my friend, closer than a brother
Where do you go what do you see?
Where are you now?
How am I supposed to live without you?
Where do you go what can you hear?
Where are you now?
How can I get back to your side?
I saw it in your eyes, before you left
I didn't realize
The love you had was true
Now You're gone, what am I to do?
I learned so much how to give
In times of need, you taught me how to live
But now that You're gone
I look toward Your strength to help me carry on

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