Supertramp:You Win, I Lose Lyrics

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You Win, I Lose

This song is by Supertramp and appears on the album Some Things Never Change (1997) and on the compilation album Retrospectacle: The Supertramp Anthology (2005).

You win, I lose
I beg, you choose
You're so cool and I'm confused
I'm me and you're you
You're so loose and I'm uptight
You're day, I'm night

(chorus 1)
Like two ships in the night in foggy weather,
Just a waiting for fresh winds to blow.
Maybe we're loosing one another
I could be wrong I don't know

You get the best, I get the rest
You pass the test, I'm just a mess
You got it made, I'm in the shade

chorus 1

(chorus 2)
Like two dopes in the boat, without a paddle
Just a wondering why it don't go
We could be loosing one another
I could be wrong I don't know

I know you're tryin' to phase me
It's gonna drive me crazy
I can't wait for the day
when I win, You lose
You beg and I choose
You're in the shade, I'm on parade

chorus 1 + 2 (two times)

oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah
you win

Written by:

Rick Davies