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Album by Supertramp.
  1. Cannonball
  2. Still in Love
  3. No Inbetween
  4. Better Days
  5. Brother Where You Bound
  6. Ever Open Door


  • Rick Davies – keyboards, vocals
  • John Helliwell – saxophones
  • Bob Siebenberg – drums
  • Dougie Thomson – bass
  • Brian Banks – synclavier programming
  • Cha Cha – backing vocals on "Still in Love"
  • David Gilmour – guitar solos on "Brother Where You Bound"
  • Scott Gorham – guitar on "Brother Where You Bound"
  • Anthony Marinelli – synclavier programming
  • Marty Walsh – guitar on "Cannonball", "Still in Love", "Better Days" & "Brother Where You Bound"
  • Doug Wintz – trombone on "Cannonball"
  • Scott Page – flute on "Better Days" & "Brother Where You Bound"
  • Gary Chang – Fairlight & PPG programming

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