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​Stuff 'n' Nonsense

This song is by Supersuckers and appears on the album The Evil Powers Of Rock 'n' Roll (1999).

Do you remember the old days when you used to love me?
You were so fond of me, always thinking of me.
Do you recall our big fall for one another,
How we discovered that we were so much more than lovers?

I didn't work and you quit school and everything was so fantastic
Cracking up at the same bad jokes all day.

I can't forget when we first met how I ignored you
But I sure fell for you and now I adore you.
You never guessed you'd get mixed up with a rock and roller
But I can't console you, 'cause I don't know shit from shinola.

It's the same old story, yeah but you say "cliche" I say "classic"
You know that all we ever really have is today
So what the hey
Come on!

So let's refrain from the dead and inane ad useless squawking,
And let's get talking, some nice long walking.
When you get mad or you're feeling bad you gotta tell it to me,
Not yell it through me, you don't know what that's doing to me.

What a drag to pack our bags after all this time and all this magic
You and I both know we'll never make up our minds.
It's not like it's all bad, I don't mean to make it sound so tragic
Either way it goes it's been a hell of a ride.

And "what the hey" she sighs, "it's all stuff and nonsense anyway"
It's all stuff and nonsense anyway
Do you remember the old days when you used to love me?