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​Goin' Back To Tucson

This song is by Supersuckers and appears on the album The Evil Powers Of Rock 'n' Roll (1999).

Going back to Tucson
Going back to where things went wrong
Gonna find out why my friends are haunted
By the things that they've done wrong
Going back to Tucson
Back to where I once belong
Gonna see if I can be the reason for the disagreements
Going back to Tucson
Don't wanna grow up there again
Now I see how some of them get grounded
Stuck to the chairs they're sitting in
Going back to Tucson
Back down the old I-10
Gonna find out why I don't know anything about anything now
Going back to Tucson and I'm down
I'm down
So I'm getting out of tuscon
Taken everything that ain't nailed down
Gonna wave good-bye to the unfortunate who stuck around
Going back to Tucson and I'm down
And I'm down, I'm down