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This song is by Supersuckers and appears on the album The Evil Powers Of Rock 'n' Roll (1999).

Now don't get uptight
'Cause I'm upright
I got the whole night
To catch up with you drunks
Don't get upset
'Cause it's a safe bet
I ain't through yet
And I'm fed up with you punks
I don't know why
I guess I'm old school
You say you want to stay
Until the break of day
But you get in the way
So I gotta make it stop
There's a broken nose
'Cause it's come to blows
And just when it's getting' good
That's when someone calls the cops
Just pay me no mind
And buddy I'm cool
A glass of red wine
And a barstool
It comes down to a matter of pride
Although I know I ain't that tough
Let's take it outside... Fisticuffs.

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