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The Fabulous 8-Track Sound of Superdrag (1995)Edit

Superdrag - The Fabulous 8-Track Sound Of Superdrag
The Fabulous 8-Track Sound Of Superdrag
  1. Sugar
  2. Bloody Hell
  3. Really Thru
  4. Liquor
  5. 6/8
  6. Blown Away
  7. Load

Regretfully Yours (1996)Edit

Regretfully Yours
Regretfully Yours
  1. Slot Machine
  2. Phaser
  3. Carried
  4. Sucked Out
  5. Cynicality
  6. Destination Ursa Major
  7. Whitey's Theme
  8. Truest Love
  9. What If You Don't Fly
  10. Garmonbozia
  11. N.A. Kicker
  12. Nothing Good Is Real
  13. Rocket

Head Trip in Every Key (1998)Edit

Head Trip In Every Key
Head Trip In Every Key
  1. I'm Expanding My Mind
  2. Hellbent
  3. Sold You an Alibi
  4. Do the Vampire
  5. Amphetamine
  6. Bankrupt Vibration
  7. Mr. Underground
  8. Annetichrist
  9. She Is a Holy Grail
  10. Pine Away
  11. Shuck & Jive
  12. Wrong Vs. Right Doesn't Matter
  13. The Art of Dying

Senorita (1999)Edit

Superdrag - Senorita
  1. Senorita
  2. Cuts and Scars
  3. H.H.T.
  4. My Prayer
  5. Nothing Good Is Real

In the Valley of Dying Stars (2000)Edit

In the Valley of Dying Stars
In the Valley of Dying Stars
  1. Keep It Close to Me
  2. Gimme Animosity
  3. Baby's Waiting
  4. Goin' Out
  5. Lighting the Way
  6. The Warmth of a Tomb
  7. Bright Pavilions
  8. Ambulance Driver
  9. Unprepared
  10. Some Kinda Tragedy
  11. True Believer
  12. In the Valley of Dying Stars

Japan Bonus Tracks

  1. Comfortably Bummed
  2. Diane

Anniversary / Superdrag (2001)Edit

The Anniversary - Superdrag
Anniversary / Superdrag

(split with The Anniversary)

  1. Taking Your Spectre Away
  2. I Guess It's American
  3. The Emotional Kind

Greetings From Tennessee (2001)Edit

Superdrag - Greetings From Tennessee
Greetings From Tennessee
  1. Baby Goes to Eleven
  2. Stu
  3. I Guess It's American
  4. The Emotional Kind
  5. Take Your Spectre Away
  6. Bloody Hell
  7. Liquor
  8. Means So Much
  9. Bastards of Young
  10. You Really Got Me

Last Call for Vitriol (2002)Edit

Last Call for Vitriol
Last Call for Vitriol
  1. Baby Goes to Eleven
  2. I Can't Wait
  3. The Staggering Genius
  4. So Insincere
  5. Extra-Sensory
  6. Feeling Like I Do
  7. Way Down Here Without You
  8. Safe & Warm
  9. Remain Yer Strange
  10. Her Melancholy Tune
  11. Stu
  12. Drag Me Closer to You

Changin' Tires on the Road to Ruin (2007)Edit

Superdrag - Changin' Tires On The Road To Ruin
Changin' Tires On The Road To Ruin
  1. Here We Come
  2. She Says
  3. My Day Will Come
  4. Sleeping Beauty
  5. Doctors Are Dead
  6. Comfortably Bummed
  7. No Inspiration
  8. Keep It Close to Me
  9. Extra-Sensory
  10. I Am Incinerator
  11. Relocate My Satellites
  12. The Rest of the World
  13. Lighting the Way
  14. True Believer

Industry Giants (2009)Edit

Industry Giants
Industry Giants
  1. Slow to Anger
  2. Live and Breathe
  3. I Only Want a Place I Can Stay
  4. Everything'll Be Made Right
  5. Cheap Poltergeists
  6. Try
  7. Ready to Go
  8. Filthy and Afraid
  9. You're Alive
  10. 5 Minutes Ahead of the Chaos
  11. Aspartame
  12. Deathblow to Your Pride
    Internet Release bonus tracks
  13. 4 on the Floor (
  14. Filter Out the Air (iTunes)

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