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This song is by Sundy Best and appears on the album Bring Up The Sun (2014).

I ain't shot to pieces for the very first time
And any thought of leaving ain't ran across my mind
Ain't had a hard life, just had a few hard times
And I never thought the day would come, when I called you mine

All of my life I've wandered
Looking to slow down
But a lot of crooked roads
Are the only thing I've found
You came along
Sang your song
Put my heartache in the ground
You shook me like thunder
I'll be damned if I'm leaving now

I couldn't have fought you even if I tried
With a thousand soldier army and a pistol by my side
You said hello and I said goodbye
To hurt too deep measure and scars two cars wide

You're all I hoped for you're all that I've dreamed
You took away my lonely you made my heart bleed

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