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These Days

This song is by Sundy Best and appears on the album Bring Up The Sun (2014).

Well I got a few good friends
And a pretty good ol dog
I guess that's about it
Never really needed a whole lot
But those few good friends
Seem like they got a little more than me
'Cause they're spending their evenings with
A few good ladies they keep company

Well I'm a little bit lonely but not a bit scared
There's things in life you ain't gotta share

These days I stick to myself
Don't need no one that I can't help
Just takin' my time, walking on by
When the time is right ill change my mind
Change my mind

Well I've had my runarounds
This and that and some breakdowns
I figured I'd take a leave of absence
But when I did everyone was absent

I'm a little hard-headed and a little force-fed
When it comes to love I make my own bed
I've been kicked around and drug through the dirt
If I ain't playing dirty why the hell did I get hurt

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