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This song is by Sundy Best and appears on the album Bring Up The Sun (2014).

Well my minds been goin' bout thirty miles a minute
Searching for the things that I can't find
So I'm fill in up my cup
And I hope that that's enough
To get all this worry off my mind

With the swarpin' and fighting
And the whiskey drink in
Up all nightin'
And the back porch picking (back yard pickin' on third chorus)
Find me a girl
To show what she's been missing
It's all
All that gets me through

I was baptized in Evan Williams
I fell in love on a muddy bank
Now I'm wilder than them all
God sure blessed that alcohol
I'm acting like I can't get enough to drank

When my younger days are over
Well I guess I'll change my ways
When I can't wear a shirt
That I had got at Billy days
But now I like corn liquor
And songs that petty wrote
No my good ole days ain't leaving son
Let's take another toke

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