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Painted Blue

This song is by Sundy Best and appears on the album Bring Up The Sun (2014).

When your name rolls off my tongue
I start to lose control
The sweetest sound I've ever heard
The sweetest song I've ever known

I get lost in your whispers
As you crawl across my bed
All my 25 Decembers
More I love you's ain't be said

I'm like a preacher when he prays
I'm on my knees to leave you name
But it's painted blue right on my front door
I've been broke down and I've been used/fooled
By time and age and some by you
So I just lay hear with a bottle on a floor
So when the pain starts to creep in
I just pour another shot again
So I don't have to miss you anymore

While this poison seeps in
My mind just runs in place
I've been hanging by a close pin
Time stands still on my clocks face

My voice has had too many cigarettes
And too much alcohol
I'll be damned if I don't leave all this mess
I'll get away, if I have to crawl

You're still the dream that I remember
You still have god on your side
My love is still a burning ember
Too bad you traded, your love for your pride

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