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I Wanna Go Home

This song is by Sundy Best and appears on the album Bring Up The Sun (2014).

I don't like it in the city
Cause nobody knows my name
Till we start pickin' and singin'
Home sure sounds good today

I wanna go home

I grew up there in the mountains
I got moonshine in my veins
My Grandma gave me my first guitar
My Pa gave me his last name

I wanna go home

I ran barefoot up the holler
In the shadow of the pines
With my bothers and my sister
We cut our teeth on homemade wine

I wanna go home

I can hear my Mother callin at the fall of the night
And I can hear my Daddy yellin' cause my
Brothers are in a fight
The innocence of my childhood
Keeps comin' back again

I wanna go home

I was born here in Kentucky
That's where my soul will rest in peace
I've been all around this world
There's no place that I'd rather be

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