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This song is by Sun Kil Moon and appears on the album Admiral Fell Promises (2010).

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No this is not my guitar
I'm bringing it to a friend
And no I don't sing
I'm only humming along

Up here in the air
I'm just mumbling at the clouds
Wanting to be known
While I pass the lonely hours

I came down from the moon
I saw you in the rain
Laughing with some people
Hair dripping down your face

Your calm hypnotic eyes
Your Scandinavian glow
I felt them like a flame
Kindling my cold bones

Tonight you were my muse
As I belted and I strummed
Trying not to drown
In the helicopter drone


From the crowd I heard
You sing a pretty line
Was it: There's so much love
That I wanna cry

I thought about it long
Had you repeat it in my ear
I couldn't place it though
But loved you being so close

I should've played it then
From the intro to the end
When they offered me the stage
At the bar we landed in

But I turned and walked
Away from all the fun
And back into the black
Seaside night of Ålesund


Written by:

Mark Kozelek

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