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Rock Out With Your Cock Out (1998)Edit

Sum 41 - Rock Out With Your Cock Out
"Rock Out With Your Cock Out" demo tape
  • This is an early, untitled demo tape by the band, commonly referred to by fans as Rock Out With Your Cock Out, although sometimes just as the 1998 Demo Tape.
  1. Astronaut
  2. What I Believe (Demo)
  3. Another Time Around (Demo)
  4. Summer (Demo)

Half Hour of Power (2000)Edit

Sum 41 - Half Hour of Power
Half Hour of Power
  1. Grab the Devil by the Horns and **** Him Up the *** (Instrumental)
  2. Machine Gun
  3. What I Believe
  4. T.H.T.
  5. Makes No Difference
  6. Summer
  7. 32 Ways to Die (Instrumental)
  8. Second Chance for Max Headroom
  9. Dave's Possessed Hair/It's What We're All About
  10. Ride the Chariot to the Devil (Instrumental)
  11. Another Time Around

All Killer No Filler (2001)Edit

Sum 41 - All Killer No Filler
All Killer No Filler
  1. Introduction to Destruction
  2. Nothing on My Back
  3. Never Wake Up
  4. Fat Lip
  5. Rhythms
  6. Motivation
  7. In Too Deep
  8. Summer
  9. Handle This
  10. Crazy Amanda Bunkface
  11. All She's Got
  12. Heart Attack
  13. Pain for Pleasure

Does This Look Infected? (2002)Edit

Sum 41 - Does This Look Infected?
Does This Look Infected?
  1. The Hell Song
  2. Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
  3. My Direction
  4. Still Waiting
  5. A.N.I.C.
  6. No Brains
  7. All Messed Up
  8. Mr. Amsterdam
  9. Thanks for Nothing
  10. Hyper-Insomnia-Para-Condrioid
  11. Billy Spleen
  12. Hooch
  13. Reign in Pain (Heavy Metal Jamboree) (Bonus track)
  14. WWVII Parts 1 & 2 (Bonus track)

Chuck (2004)Edit

Sum 41 - Chuck
  1. Intro (Instrumental)
  2. No Reason
  3. We're All to Blame
  4. Angels with Dirty Faces
  5. Some Say
  6. The Bitter End
  7. Open Your Eyes
  8. Slipping Away
  9. I'm Not the One
  10. Welcome to Hell
  11. Pieces
  12. There's No Solution
  13. 88
  14. Moron (Bonus track)
  15. Noots (Bonus track)
  16. Subject to Change (Bonus track)
  17. Get Back (Rock Remix) (iTunes bonus track with Ludacris - also UK bonus track on Ludacris' album The Red Light District)

Go Chuck Yourself (2006)Edit

Sum 41 - Go Chuck Yourself
Go Chuck Yourself
  • Released as Happy Live Surprise in Japan
  1. The Hell Song
  2. My Direction
  3. Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
  4. A.N.I.C.
  5. Never Wake Up
  6. We're All to Blame
  7. There's No Solution
  8. No Brains
  9. Some Say
  10. Welcome to Hell
  11. Grab the Devil
  12. Makes No Difference
  13. Pieces
  14. Motivation
  15. Still Waiting
  16. 88
  17. No Reason
  18. I Have a Question
  19. Moron
  20. Fat Lip
  21. Pain for Pleasure

Underclass Hero (2007)Edit

Sum 41 - Underclass Hero
Underclass Hero
  1. Underclass Hero
  2. Walking Disaster
  3. Speak of the Devil
  4. Dear Father
  5. Count Your Last Blessings
  6. Ma Poubelle
  7. March of the Dogs
  8. The Jester
  9. With Me
  10. Pull the Curtain
  11. King of Contradiction
  12. Best Of Me
  13. Confusion and Frustration in Modern Times
  14. So Long Goodbye
  15. Look at Me
  16. No Apologies (Bonus track)
  17. This Is Goodbye (Bonus track)
  18. Take a Look at Yourself (Bonus track)
  19. 19. (sum 41): (untitled)

8 Years of Blood, Sake, and Tears: The Best of Sum 41 2000-2008 (2008)Edit

Sum 41 - 8 Years Of Blood, Sake, And Tears- The Best Of Sum 41 2000-2008
8 Years of Blood, Sake, and Tears: The Best of Sum 41 2000-2008
  1. Still Waiting
  2. The Hell Song
  3. Fat Lip
  4. We're All to Blame
  5. Walking Disaster
  6. In Too Deep
  7. Pieces
  8. Underclass Hero
  9. Motivation
  10. Makes No Difference
  11. With Me
  12. Always
  13. Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
  14. Pain for Pleasure
  15. Subject to Change
  16. My Direction (Live)
  17. Welcome To Hell (Live)

Screaming Bloody Murder (2011)Edit

Sum 41 - Screaming Bloody Murder
Screaming Bloody Murder
  1. Reason to Believe
  2. Screaming Bloody Murder
  3. Skumf*k
  4. Time for You to Go
  5. Jessica Kill
  6. What Am I to Say
  7. Holy Image of Lies
  8. Sick of Everyone
  9. Happiness Machine
  10. Crash
  11. Blood in My Eyes
  12. Baby You Don't Wanna Know
  13. Back Where I Belong
  14. Exit Song
  15. Reason to Believe (Acoustic) (Japanese Bonus Track)
  16. We're the Same (Japanese Bonus Track)

Live Tracks and Other AppearancesEdit

  1. Killer Queen (Queen cover from Killer Queen: A Tribute To Queen (2005)
  2. Little Know It All (Iggy Pop featuring Sum 41)
  3. Things I Want (Tenacious D featuring Sum 41)
  4. That's Alright, Mama (Arthur Crudup cover)
  5. Walk This Way (Aerosmith cover feat. Nelly; Ja Rule; DJ Clue from Aerosmith's MTV Icon)
  6. How You Remind Me (Nickelback cover, from MTV New Year's Party)
  7. Metallica Medley: For Whom The Bell Tolls/ Enter Sandman/ Master Of Puppets (performed on Metallica's MTV Icon)
  8. It's What We're All About from Music From And Inspired By Spider-Man (2002)
  9. Morning Glory Oasis cover, from Yahoo! Music
  10. Shout At The Devil (Mötley Crüe cover performed at MTV20: Live and Almost Legal feat. Tommy Lee)
  11. No Sleep Till Brooklyn (Beastie Boys cover performed at MTV20: Live and Almost Legal feat. Tommy Lee)
  12. You've Got Another Thing Comin' (Judas Priest cover performed at MTV20: Live and Almost Legal with Rob Halford and Tommy Lee)
  13. Rock Medley (featuring Tommy Lee, and Rob Halford)

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. 99 Red Balloons
  2. A Dark Road Out Of Hell: Happiness Machine
  3. A Dark Road Out Of Hell: Holy Image Of Lies
  4. A Dark Road Out Of Hell: Sick Of Everyone
  5. Attitude
  6. Bleed
  7. Confusion And Frustration N Modern Times
  8. Dear Father (Complete Unknown)
  9. Fat Lip (Video Version)
  10. For Whom The Bell Tolls
  11. Grab The Devil By The Horns And Him Up The
  12. Heartattack
  13. Introduction To Destuction
  14. It's What Were All About
  15. Its What Were All About
  16. Jester
  17. Makes No Differencee Version)
  18. No Sleep 'til Brooklyn
  19. Rythms
  20. Scumfuck
  21. Skumfuck
  22. Skumfuk
  23. So Long, Goodbye
  24. The Hell Song (live)
  25. Unwritten Christmas
  26. Youve Got Another Thing Comin

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