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Those Who Dwell in Stellar Void

This song is by Sulphur Aeon and appears on the album Swallowed by the Ocean's Tide (2013).

A place in permanent darkness
Total absence of light
Eyes degenerated
For nothing left to see
Unkown senses intensified
Touching the depths
Obscure creation
Bizarre beyond imagination

Silent chantings in tongueless speech
Fomulas forgotten, forbidden... Unwritten

The ancient gate is opened
The unseen longing the emerge
Those who dwell in stellar void
Awakened now what should not be...

Those who never should have been!

From eroded realms
Where even time has dies
Nocturnal eternal dimension
Unexplored the cataclysm lurks
Unexpected wrath on devastation path
Blasphemy reborn... In nonhuman form

As the sun breaks through the clouds
From the oceans they will rise
In pulsating slime reborn
From slime reborn
Torn from blackened feverish dreams

The ancient gate's wide open
From Yuggoth they descend
Those who dwell in stellar void
Awake are those who should not be...

This world will fall...
This will be the end of it all
As the sea unveils
What never should have been
What never should be seen
By human eyes

Silent chantings in tongueless speech
Formulas forgotten, forbidden...


Music by:

Torsten Horstmann

Lyrics by:

Torsten Horstmann

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