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Swallowed by the Ocean's Tide

This song is by Sulphur Aeon and appears on the album Swallowed by the Ocean's Tide (2013).

Swallowed by the ocean's tide
Salty is the taste of death
Drawn down by the undertow
Into depths unseen before

In undead slumber with eyes open wide
Blasphemous iconoclasm to behold
As madness erupts in drowning cries
Sinking into that moisty grave below

Chaos! Visions plague the dying mind
Ancient temples on the bottom of the sea
Shunned and mystified by humankind
Where HT dwells in breathless sleep

Blurred and obscured is the sight
Asphyxiation, snapping of bones
Ruins rise as madness unfolds
Nameless shapes, rising tides

Seeing their temples and towers rise
Water drowns the final breath
Further down the water's swirl
Drawn into and endless abyss

Music by:

Torsten Horstmann

Lyrics by:

Martin Hellion