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Into the Courts of Azathoth

This song is by Sulphur Aeon and appears on the album Gateway to the Antisphere (2015).

Victorious through blood and battle
A terminal quest, kadath is in sight
City of gods, abandoned and bleak

To the demonic sound of the brass, everhaunting presences proceed
In the absence of earth's gods - chaos and terror breeds
In dreadful walls and forgotten temples

Disclosed be the name of nyaclathotep
Revealed be the gift madness
The darkness that dwells in his eyes
Speaking in tongues, deceiver of man

Space and time merging as one
Accompanied by membrane wings
Voraciously slicing the atmosphere
The Howls of the unknown resound

Boundless levitation
In the weightlessness of cosmos
Timelessly struggling towards
The chambers of chaos

In the dazzling hall of lunacy
Into the courts of azathoth

Breeding lies, weaving discord
Dreaming death, a two-sided sword

No refuge from the hideous truth
All answers lie hidden beyond the stars
To dream what is death in the end
All light is gone and dreams have to end

In absolute chaos he's creating the loom
Azathoth weaves the cords of our doom

Music by:

Torsten Horstmann

Lyrics by:

Martin Hellion