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Diluvial Ascension - Gateway to the Antisphere

This song is by Sulphur Aeon and appears on the album Gateway to the Antisphere (2015).

Implosions breath a gleaming light
Void exhaling antispheres
Reawakening the dreamer
To unify when the stars are right

The dreaming tyrant sleeps
In vast blackness where he lies obscured
Immured by the ocean deep
To rise when yog-sothoth open the gate

Unholy dimensions
Amalgamation of the water and sky
Blasphemous perversion
Carnal communion of the dimensional flesh
Diluvial ascension
Gateway to the antisphere

Dreams and dimensions merge
Entangled in a whirling mass
Fusioning as the worlds converge
Eerie corridor right to the stars

Unholy upheaval
As they exalt the conqueror from the deep
Insane litanies
Crushing the trembling walls of sleep
Diluvial ascension
Gateway to the antisphere

Amorphous tentacles reaching out
From the graves of the sea
Whirling spectacle
Imminent birth of the great ancient ones

Lurkers behind the dimensional veil
Conquerors - devourers of this worlds
Awakened be the dreamer
Unification when the stars are right...


Music by:

Torsten Horstmann

Lyrics by:

Martin Hellion

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