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Calls from Below

This song is by Sulphur Aeon and appears on the album Gateway to the Antisphere (2015).

...A bleak cliff erects with the eldritch smile of aeons passed
Relinquishing the phallic shape of this uncanny house of ior
The sea spray below, unmercifully whipping those rocks

Resounding the rasping breath of a million drowning souls
With a scent reminiscent of human blood and bone

Stormclouds forwarding the eerily howling winds
To that symbol of forgiveness, that is towering
High above on the spire of that church
Deriding the pilgrim, tempting his sickly belief

A temple below this churchfloor
Where eternities were born
Non euclidian ruins
Sheltering the creators of this earth

Unending cycles of blasphemies from worlds forlorn
Luring and brooding ignition, awakening, twisted birth

Entering this cursed house of god
Walk upon the marble steps of elder lore
Chaos roams within these wall and rocks
Cosmic host abiding since the days of yore

Priests dwell in here, restless and crazed
Knowledge, madness, infinity to bear
Calls from below, imploring and clear
In darkness the portal will open down here

Calls from below...


Music by:

Torsten Horstmann

Lyrics by:

Martin Hellion

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