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Power Of Submission

This song is by Suffokate and appears on the album No Mercy, No Forgiveness (2010).

I am the end of everything you've ever wanted
I'll kill your dreams and make you fall
You were so fFucking stupid, you never learn; just shut your mouth
These words don't mean anything when you can't back them up
A scalpel is the answer to the problem that we share
It aids in cutting through your neck
It slices through so slow, to make sure you feel every inch
Enjoying in the work I've done, I almost forget your loved ones
Your seeds wiped off the earth, the babies die before their birth
The world is the reason for everything I do
After you're done, they'll witness every part
This is the way I solve everything
I have nothing left to lose, hiding in shadows, waiting to bring death to those who don't deserve to live
Feeding on fear now, I'm yearning for screams, yearning for screams
Taking the ones that come near, so many ways to inflict the pain, so many ways to inflict this pain
There's so much power in submission
Now, now she begs for your child's life
Beg for their lives

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