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Becoming The Nightmare

This song is by Suffokate and appears on the album No Mercy, No Forgiveness (2010).

These eyes are cold, it seems all has changed
What once was is now dead
Hollow, empty yearning for the past
A time when all was well, before this plague had spread inside
When did we fall? When did we die? The scars never seem to heal, but still we strive to find something
We never will
Why can't we see it will never be? Every time taking a part of life, they'll never get it back
Try to move forward but stay in the past, some just forget to move on
Leaving behind broken ones, how could we be so blind? The ones we fear are inside of us, we knew not how horrible we are
These things we do, these things we look past
Importance fades as excitement comes, memories forgot in the thrill
This has broken me, but I won't go, but I won't go
We are the guilty we should pay
Becoming the nightmare

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