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Suspended In Tribulation

This song is by Suffocation and appears on the album Pierced From Within (1995).

Reality suspends my present life
Curious thoughts, I confront my mortality
Uncertain to the laws of the unknown
I have no fear in facing trials of the mind one by one
Sifting through ossuaries of creation
Looking for a worth, is existence pointless?
Perceptive to the truth, I never may return
Resistance falling short, I sever all my ties one by one

Vanish into the unseen origins of infinity
A pleasant swim in the seas of dormant ecstacy
A state of being I could spend with all of eternity
Suspended above the remains of what I used to be

I can see things not capable of imagining
The explanation of my mind has progressed me endlessly
Things that once were illusions have become reality
I perceive now what was never clear to me

Unwelcomed kind
No way to overcome, I'm disadvantaged prey
My way back has been erased

Torn from my bliss
No longer bound in flesh, a dismembered soul
Helpless to what I can't see

Unwelcomed kind
No way to overcome, a disembodied soul
My way back has been erased

I must focus on what I can't see
Things done to me, I cannot explain
Falling further from myself
To give in would end all my pain
Subconscious misery placed unto me

Is their meaning to this life?
To break away transparent light
The end is clearer
Pass through the mirror
I fade into the sky

Hanging in the balance
Drowning in the afterlife

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