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​Wolf Among Sheep (Or Maybe the Other Way Around?)

This song is by Subterranean Masquerade and appears on the album Suspended Animation Dreams (2005).

Be nice, behave
And smile when they look direct at you
Be there, a friend
A shoulder to cry on, the dry soul of the west

At night, be quiet

In the park tear yourself apart
Face the sky, see the big cheese smile?
Let yourself loose, before the morning comes
Free your mind before the chains leave their mark

For more...

Be nice, behave
Take one for the team, "my brother you the man"
At lunch, be bright
Talk about philosophy and what comes next; the man or the monkey in space

So it's not surprising
That they almost drowned when it starts to rain
As if the shield is melting, and all they know is fading
By the light of the moon don't we all look pale?

Inhaling - taking deep again!

"What was green turned to ashes, to smoke and to dust"

Written by:

Tomer Pink