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The Rock 'n Roll Preacher

This song is by Subterranean Masquerade and appears on the album Suspended Animation Dreams (2005).

Come and play me
Let my rhythm shake your body
Take a chance, unwarp me
Let my sweet sound was the pain away

Now, I'm here to stay
(Just passing through!)
I'm not going away
Yes, I'm your new frend
I'm the aftertaste, I consolidate your emotions
And sign my name as your devotion to life

Strip down my knowledge; let the beat pump the poison in your blood
Addressing all your freedom to this hungry box inside
That solid state of mind of yours bound to never be alike

I will never change
(Now it's me and you!)
Or can be unmade
But on the other hand
Each time you scream my name
A golem, reborn by ashes from afar
Virtual ritual, desktop icon, link to your inside

The throat is itching, the head is spinning and sour feeling
As I'm breathing and dreamwallking to the other room just to see her cry
Tara's not the same, she can't make sense, her voice disappearing in the grace that echoes as the circle breaks apart
Does it feel different inside?

In this classic affair of loud pantomime...
Can't get a dial tone, busy line
A figure of small statue, but dare I say
Glued from pieces of your shell, identical we shall remain


Written by:

Tomer Pink

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