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Reliving the Feeling

This song is by Subterranean Masquerade and appears on the album The Great Bazaar (2015).

Ruthless beauty that blurs the mind
Cleanse the dust off my backpack
It's been too long since I travelled far
Entering the great bazaar
Sellers try to seal a transaction
It's all for sale if the price is right

How can I be reliving the feeling?

Under every bench there is a bent shadow that gave it all away
A gaze of dead end spread upon his face
He sits and smiles at foreigners
At night the streets turn silent, angels rise from the ashes of the lost Celestine souls
Seeds of comfort planted in them all
Dancing 'til they break apart with dawn

How can I be reliving the feeling?
How can I still cope with this all?
How long should I keep ignoring the meaning?
That knocks on my door

Sometimes life puts me on my knees
And wounds open inside of me
Can't breathe, just want to walk away
Reliving that feeling I once had
A box full of video tapes
Is all that's left unless I pay the price

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