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Early Morning Mantra

This song is by Subterranean Masquerade and appears on the album The Great Bazaar (2015).

Welcome back to this world
In it birds sing their early morning mantra
Babies cry alarming notes
A high-paced tempo of that's the way I want
Washing those dirty hands, before it starts
Before we're going on this lonesome search
Endless race, pleased to meet you
Welcome to the masquerade

Join me as we walk down this great bazaar
Strange scents and smoke blurred with dreams of somewhere far
Caught me spinning 'round and 'round
Now stop it, let me out!

In my ribcage a rusty clock, and time is ticking a melody of twisted notes
Time to go... Time to go

Words mean nothing in this world, play the game before everything that's real is lost
Time to go... Time to go

A heavy weight, a thick huge net, a trap, a prison of masks with legs
Better be going on a trip, no one knows what one can see

Welcome, to the carnival of the dysfunctional and the disturbed
Enjoy it; be careful not to lose your head
Explore it; there will be no right or wrong
And when the music's over, you will be coming back for more