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​Kiss And Kill Your Boyfriend

This song is by Subscribe and appears on the album Stuck Progress To Moon (2007).

But it's not my faith, please change it
Spit in the face
And stop the music, steal my space
Through the days
Kill all the madness of this place

This is my life This is my fight
Seven days twenty four hours

You keep trying to hide away on that ...
Runnin' away than getting away and spinning
Through all your life

Hide away on that
Picture of society,
Will take you to the edge!
Do the struggling, never break down!

Shame on me, Blame on me
Can't you see, can't use me
Distantly together, seemingly forever
Can't you see, Can't use me

You're fadin out the light!

Off it all now go!
Shut down the light, fade out the balze
Off it all now go, go, go!
This time you won't blast the charm
Can't kill the thrill!
You can't kill the thrill!

Don't you rest my space!
Don't you steal my days!
With me on your side walk your own path!

But it's not my faith, please change it!