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​Not Me

This song is by Subhumans and appears on the album EP-LP (1986).

Who's gonna fight?
Who thinks it right?
The threat of war is a passing phase
Try telling that to a waiting grave
They say the bunkers will be safe
They're not big enough for the human race

So who's gonna fight?

Who's having fun?
Gonna carry a gun?
I got to fight I got no choice
They'll never hear my fucking voice
Deafened in the deathly noise
Created by their brand new toys

So who's gonna fight?

Who's gonna die?
I'll tell you why
I won't do what ever they say
Even if it means getting put away
That's what I think - OK?
You got to react - it's the only way

So who's gonna fight?

Who's gonna fight the system?
You, me or fucking no one?