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Special Place / Druggy (2007)Edit

  1. Special Place
  2. Druggy

Sub Focus (2009)Edit

Sub Focus - Sub Focus

Sub Focus

  1. Let the Story Begin
  2. World of Hurt
  3. Follow the Light
  4. Last Jungle
  5. Deep Space
  6. Rock It
  7. Move Higher
  8. Vapourise
  9. Triple X
  10. Could This Be Real
  11. Splash
  12. Time Warp
  13. Coming Closer

Torus (2013)Edit

Sub Focus - Torus


  1. Torus
  2. Safe in Sound
  3. Endorphins (featuring Alex Clare)
  4. Out the Blue (featuring Alice Gold)
  5. Twilight
  6. Close (featuring MNEK)
  7. Turn It Around (featuring Kele Okereke)
  8. Out of Reach (featuring JayEllDee)
  9. Falling Down (featuring Kenzie May)
  10. Turn Back Time
  11. You Make It Better (featuring Culture Shock and TC)
  12. Tidal Wave (featuring Alpines)
  13. Until the End (featuring Foxes)
Bonus tracks on Deluxe Edition
  1. Eclipse
  2. Original
  3. Falling Down (VIP) (featuring Kenzie May)
  4. Endorphins (Sub Focus Vs. Fred V & Grafix Remix) (featuring Alex Clare)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Airplane
  2. Don't You Feel It

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Sub Focus is a performance name for Nick Douwma.

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