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Too blind

This song is by Sub7even and appears on the album Free Your Mind (2002).

Don't deny yourself,
Be what you wanne be.
Don't rely on dreams,
Wake up and you will see,-

What you left behind,
Don't waste another life.
Things you can't describe,
Don't heal your inner strife.

Too blind to see,
Can't you see the light?
You've got to feel, what it's all about.
Too slow to flee,
Can't you see the light?
You wanna run but it's not allowed.

And if you don't learn,
How to live in harmonie,
With your tangled soul,
Then you've got no guaranty,-

To feel the sun inside,
Have no fear, just cross the line.
And you'll feel so free,
That's the way, it has to be.

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