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Close your eyes

This song is by Sub7even and appears on the album Free Your Mind (2002).

What's going on,
Inside your mind?
I'm not amused,
I'm running blind.

I miss your smile,
Your weaPy eyes.
It's all replaced,
By mental lies.

Don't try to punish me too long,
A million reasons to go on.
You try to tell me but I can't,
Understand, that it's the end.

Close your eyes,
And try to find the reason why,
You're alive,
Till you end up in a lie.
Hide your tears,
And get away from all your pain;
All your fears,-
You're the only-one to blame.

I still believe,
In what we had.
Don't try to hide,
Don't be so sad.

Forgive me please,
I see it clear.
But now I feel,
The end is near.

The endless pain,
Is blown away.
There's no more sense,
For me to stay.

I've tried to punish me too long,
There's no more reason to go on.
You've tried to tell me now I can,
Understand, that it's the end.

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