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I'm What's There to Show That Something's Missing (2003)Edit

Styrofoam - I'm What's There to Show That Something's Missing

I'm What's There to Show That Something's Missing

  1. The Long Wait
  2. A Heart Without a Mind
  3. You Pretend You Own This Place
  4. Forever, You Said Forever
  5. It Wouldn't Change a Thing
  6. I Have to Keep Reminding Myself to Be Pleased
  7. Blow It Away From Your Eyes
  8. If I Believed You/Back Into Focus

Nothing's Lost (2004)Edit

Styrofoam - Nothing's Lost

Nothing's Lost

  1. Misguided (featuring Valerie Trebeljahr and Alias)
  2. Ticket Out of Town
  3. Couches in Alleys (featuring Benjamin Gibbard)
  4. Beequeen
  5. Your Eyes Only
  6. Front to Back (featuring Andrew Kenny)
  7. Safe + Broken
  8. Anything (featuring Bent Van Looy and Miki Yoshimura)
  9. Make It Mine

A Thousand Words (2008)Edit

Styrofoam - A Thousand Words

A Thousand Words

  1. After Sunset
  2. A Thousand Words
  3. My Next Mistake (featuring Jim Adkins)
  4. No Happy Endings (featuring Erica Driscoll)
  5. Microscope (featuring Blake Hazard)
  6. Thirty to One
  7. Other Side of Town
  8. Lil' White Boy (featuring Josh Rouse)
  9. No Deliveries List (featuring Lili de la Mora)
  10. Bright Red Helmet
  11. Final Offer

Disco Synthesizers & Daily Tranquilizers (2010)Edit

Styrofoam - Disco Synthesizers & Daily Tranquilizers

Disco Synthesizers & Daily Tranquilizers

  1. Carolyn
  2. Get Smarter
  3. Extra Careful
  4. Kids on Acid
  5. The Only One to Curse
  6. Looking Glass to Zero
  7. Mile After Mile
  8. Am I the Ghost
  9. What's Hot (And What's Not)
  10. Believe Everything

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Real name:

Styrofoam is a performance name for Arne Van Petegem.


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