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Soul Clap

This song is by Styles P and appears on the album A Gangster and a Gentleman (2002).

I'ma drink till I drop on my ass, this is Holiday
I'ma go and celebrate and hop on the ass
That's one more chance, Dick Frank White ain't dead
Think you the shit, leave me your chick, the light ain't red
Matter fact just wanna leave 'cause the fights is on
I'ma still be here when the lights is on
Got a fat ass in front of me, Dutch in my mouth
Wit a Corona in my left hand
You try to front I'll coma your best man
I keep a trick on my sleeve, more like a two fifth on my sleeve
Then I switch it to the trey-duce
In my back pocket, so me and love can stay loose
It's like thugs ain't partyin, I smoke 20 dimes
I seen 20 dimes I love they body and
P tryin' to score for the night
And to tell you the truth, my shit blown if we war for the night

We gon' drink till we drunk, dance till we drop
And ain't nobody leavin' till the music stop
Can I get a Soul Clap (gun clicks)
Can I get a Soul Clap (gun clicks)

Ayo shit is still gravy though
I keep a open case, the block hot I need a song for the radio
P at the club, niggas scared to let they lady go
Foot Locker 4 for 20's
Coulda had her some jeans, Nike Airs, I keep all my money

Still slide out the club wit a gorgeous honey
I don't care if it's a hole in the wall, I feel comfortable
Violate P, that's a hole in your jaw
All I want is cranberry and Courvoisier
I'm trying to talk to a dime
Motherfucker, but I still take my time
Cocksucker, to rob y'all niggas for y'all Cardiers
I got a flow that you hardly hear
And a gun wit a silencer, why 'cause they hardly hear
I got honies flockin around, smoke in the air
Wit a cool ass bomb like Bob Marley there

I'm the gentleman to hold the door
I'm the gangsta that's lettin off the three while loadin the four
Rather get a Soul Clap than clap your soul
Honey askin how many blunts I have to roll
I'ma smoke till I'm high, drink till I'm drunk
I'm on my tour, shit and I ain't get a wink in a month
My favorite color is green
But I'm stacked for the moment so I'ma pick pink for the month
If you could take a hint, then after this party
If you want, hop in the Viper limo with the tints
Got the fifty Cal, so hold that
Tell 'em roll back
I show niggas the real meaning of Soul Clap

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