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The Final Hour

This song is by Stygma IV and appears on the album The Court Of Eternity (1998).

Heavy breathing I'm waiting for the dawnIt will start soon what has once begunI've reached the end of my long life
Slowly breathing wrapped up in my bedMy body is aching
'Cause my bones are much too old
When will I see the other side?Where will I be? what will I feel?When will I reach the final hour?
I close my eyes and memories appearI see my childhood and I see my youthThe first time I fell in loveWhile looking back I know I've failedNever before have I seen my life this way
All my arrogance and prideMy promises and liesI have to feel I have to seeAll the friends I have betrayedAll the girls I've thrown awayI am ashamed, I feel ashamedI've never tried to find the way
I've never said the word I should sayNow I'm alone I am so aloneI am afraid of the coldNow I am aloneI am so aloneI'm fallingThe review is overI'm sorrounded by the voidI hear myself breathingIt's so quiet in the dark
Now I am on the other sideWhy can I feel? is it all realNow I have passed the final hourYes I have passed the final hour

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