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Solum Mente Infirmis

This song is by Stygma IV and appears on the album Solum Mente Infirmis... (1998).

Every night I try to hideI feel his breath in my neckHe's sickened my brainI've gone insaneAnd now he's coming back for meA chill runs down my spineAs his spirit conquers my mindAgain visions of horrorAre flashing through my tortured brainThe bloody traces of the past appear again
Solum mente infirmisManes possunt videreI can't believe the vile deeds I seeI can't escape his directing voiceHe controls my thoughtsAnd he never leaves my brain
Wake up my friendIt's time to go there's a lot of workThat must be doneWe release the souls of the sufferingDon't hear their screamingJust one more cut and they will stopThey are just flash which has to rotAnd they will rot
Solum mene infirmisManes possunt videreI understand the blood must be spilledAnd I know the weak must be killedIn this cruel worldOnly the executioner stays aliveThis haze of blood in front of my eyesWon't go awayThe taste of pain is hitting meLike hail of iceI start to reanimate myselfI'm feeling free and I know what's to be done the transformationFrom witness into murder is done
New directions for my brain escape, Reach out and kill mortal live, Mortal fleshVisions of horrorAre flashing through my lighted brainThe lovely traces of the pastOnce againSolum mente infirmisManes possunt videreNow I beleve in this vile deedsAnd I love his guiding voiceI'm your friend!
Solum mente infirmisManes possunt videreSolum mente infirmisManes possunt videre

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