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Sacred Man

This song is by Stygma IV and appears on the album Solum Mente Infirmis... (1998).

The darkness within my soulIs the place where he's rested and growedAn entity that's slept for yearsHas become the sacred manAnd he's causing
He showed me things I've never knownHe gave me the power to see throughBut he also showed me painThe pain within meI know their is no escapeHe is the voice inside my headHe is my destinyAnd he knows my weakness and my guiltThe sacred man is watching meI can fly above the abyss of my lifeBut I'm afraid of falling downOn my bloody trailTo where my curse will endI have to accept that he is a part of mePart of me
The sacred man is watching meNo matter what I'm gonna be
I walk through life with opened eyesAnd I'm damned to seeI see their fearsTheir hidden tearsWhich are caused by their own livesI don't understand why this power is in my hand I can't escapeThis sea of faces in which I'm, drowningAnd I am scared about the friendly faceWhich hides a frustrated lifeI don't understandWhy they cannot chance their goalsThey never ever change their goalsSometimes I bear a cross of stoneAnd I've to wear a crown of thornsI'm bleeding and I bleedSometimes I wish to go insane
'Cause I can see through their filthy game they are playing to carry onI'm freezingPlease help me understandThe pain that guides my life
I'm never satisfiedWe live our lives with gabled mindsThey control us via satelliteThey preach work and familyBut they will lead us to apathyI don't want to be part of this societyWhere greed and power are new sanctuariesI just want to live in peace and harmonyBut he won't leaveHe'll never go awayIgnorance and innocence are surrounding meI hide behind a mighty wallFor getting out of reachI don't understand why he has chosen meI need love and I starveFor a warm embrace
But I can't find peace in mind
'Cause I ain't satisfied
I can fly above the abyss of my lifeBut I'm afraid of falling downOn my bloody trail to where my curse will end I haveTo accept that he is part of mePart of me
I'm looking for the cluesAnd I search for forbidden viewsOf ordinary life

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