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Last Victory

This song is by Stygma IV and appears on the album Solum Mente Infirmis... (1998).

Give them what they needAnd you get whatYou want mindless warriorsFor the last victoryThe last victory
Look in their eyesThere is no mercyThey're cold as iceAnd in their mindsThere are no questionsCause they never realiseThey need respectAnd they will gain itThey are brutalizedWe can't see the signsWe can't see the signsWe're blind!We won't hear the screamsWe won't hear the screams of pain!The madness of the past will strike againWe haven't learned from our historyWe haven't seen the cities burningThe wheel of time will turnThe time will come againAnd it will be our endIf their time comes againTheir banner is the cross of hateTheir false vision is the aryan raceThey ignore historic factsAnd glorify inhuman actsThey hate all coloured peopleThey hate the "sly jews"They hate our politiciansWho are corrupt foolsThey're waiting for their time
'Cause they believe in the 4th reich

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